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Industrial Maintenance LLC

We Provide


of hazardous material to reduce or eliminate harm to human or environmental health, including but not limited to:

of structures and equipment, such as:

  • Used tanks

  • Pipeline metal or poly

  • Buildings and abandoned facilities

  • Out of production wells and pump stations

for multiple industries, which may include:

  • Air tanks watch and standby rescue for workers in enclosed spaces, vertical shafts, or other hazardous environments

  • Cleaning tanks whether maintenance or remediation

  • Vault cleaning

  • Filtration media removal and remediation

for hazardous and non-hazardous materials, whether it’s an emergency or an annoyance, such as:

  • Diesel fuel, oil, salt water, chemicals

of disturbed or contaminated equipment and areas for reuse or recycling, which may include:

  • Oil & gas pipeline and drilling abandonment

  • Site cleanups, from pipeyards to CERCLA/superfund sites

  • Government and military facilities

of facilities and equipment, including:

  • Ground impaction, whether historical or recent

  • Contamination of tools and buildings

  • Gear rental

  • Emergency response to accidents and fires

  • Water release containment

for transportation and waste management, including:

  • Sampling of multiple media for analysis

  • Interpreting analytical results for clients

  • Providing services based on analytical results

  • Packaging, handling, and disposal of wastes in permitted facilities, cradle to grave

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