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Industrial Maintenance LLC

Reclamation & Remediation


In the last few decades, Midwest's management has worked on reclamation and remediation sites in 40+ U.S. States, including oil and gas wells and pipelines, government and military facilities, superfund sites, and private facilities.


Current site evaluations and historical location conditions provide a necessary frame for understanding of the cleanup's scope, for saving time (and money) once the work begins, and for ensuring the proper equipment and people are on site from the start.


We collaborate with you to ensure impacted material is removed safely and disposed of properly - whether it is impacted by radiation, petrochemicals, brine, or other chemicals and/or hazardous materials. As needed, we replace soils with certified material and seed.


In addition to our goal of zero incidents, we use field instruments alongside lab analytical to ensure we're leaving behind the smallest footprint possible and a site that is safe from the contaminants of concern.


All projects are treated with discretion and completed to the state and federal guidelines. This includes final report to protect the clients' assets. Additionally, we can interface with regulators at the clients' behest if desired.

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